¿How do I get to Arví Park?

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One of the most important tourist sites in Medellín: it has 16,000 hectares of beautiful forests and a rich fauna that adorns the view while you walk on a quiet path at an unbeatable temperature.

In the Arví Park you can take guided tours, try traditional dishes, make picnics or hikes. However, for people outside Medellin it can look like a destination far from the city, or very expensive; This article is written with the intention of clarifying these doubts and inviting you to spend unforgettable days in the city of eternal spring.

If you have a personal car, you will have the easiest way to get there, taking the Medellín - Bogotá highway, you can reach Arví Park in less than an hour's drive. If you do not have a car, perhaps the option of platforms such as Lyft, Didi, Beat or taking taxis can be a bit expensive, however, the Medellín Metro presents an economical alternative to get to the Arví Park easily and quickly.

The Medellín Metro can take you to one of the best tourist sites in the city of eternal spring.

In a journey of about an hour and a half: you will start on Line A of the subway to reach Acevedo station, if you go from Madera, Bello or Niquía, you will take the subway in the direction of La Estrella, if you are in any of the remaining stations , you will go towards Niquía.

Upon arriving at Acevedo station, you must transfer to the K line, in which you will pass over the northern districts of the city until you reach Santo Domingo station to make a final transfer to the L line to arrive after a walk by metrocable through the Antioquia forest to Arví Park.

Then we wait for you in the city of eternal spring to know the main tourist sites of Medellin. Book at Hotel Central Plaza and live a unique experience.


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