3 Reasons to go to the pueblito Paisa

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A sólo 15 minutos en automóvil desde Hotel Bolivariana Plaza; se encuentra ubicado justo en el centro del Valle de Aburrá, unos de los sitios turísticos más populares de Medellín

Only 15 minutes by car from Hotel Bolivariana Plaza; It is located right in the center of the Aburrá Valley, one of the most popular tourist sites in Medellín Over the years, Cerro Nutibara has become an icon of the city of Medellin and its surroundings, which allows citizens to enjoy a place to breathe fresh air into an increasingly industrial-oriented metropolis.

In the highest part of Cerro Nutibara, you will find the Pueblito Paisa, a place where the tradition, idiosyncrasy and color of the paisa citizen is a tribute in a typical representation of the traditional Antioquia towns: food, architecture, a great view and much more. wait in one of the tourist places in Medellin for mandatory assistance

As soon as you visit it, keep these 3 recommendations in mind to visit the Pueblito Paisa

“It is one of the tourist places that I love most in Medellín. The view is spectacular, the site offers good typical paisa food and the town is very beautiful "

This is how a Tripadvisor.com user defines Pueblito Paisa in a five-star comment, so we will talk about its three main attractions: gastronomy, tradition and, of course, the beautiful view of the city.


The place is full of traditional food stalls, where you can sit down with your family to enjoy everything from warmth, sancochos and empanadas, to the paisa tray and a lot of options of the best coffee in the world. 


El Pueblito Paisa is a representation of the constructions, and the traditional Antioquia lifestyle, therefore, the picturesqueness of the place ends up looking charming, the color in the food, the particular architecture and the human warmth of the paisa citizen. Likewise, to see it with your own eyes, the Pueblito Paisa is home to a City Museum, a place that shows the evolution of the city of eternal spring, Medellín.

Beautiful Sight

Undoubtedly, the view of all Medellín has built the fame of Pueblito Paisa as an unmissable tourist place in the Aburrá Valley, both for residents and visitors, it is comforting and a unique experience to appreciate a panoramic view of the city in a place with as much tradition as Pueblito Paisa.

And you already visited Pueblito Paisa? The most important tourist places in Medellín are close to you, we are waiting for you in the city of eternal spring so that you can meet them in the company of Hotel Bolivariana Plaza. We are the hotel of values.