Are you looking for the best plans in Medellin?

Look no further! At the Hotel Bolivariana Plaza, you will live unforgettable experiences in the city of eternal spring. Our hotel offers a variety of unique plans in Medellin that will allow you to connect with all your senses and elevate your spirit. Each experience is designed to offer you the best in plans in Medellín, ensuring that your stay is a journey towards the sublime and the unexpected. Get ready to live unforgettable moments and start planning your trip today. Discover why the Bolivariana Plaza Hotel is the ideal place to experience the best of Medellín!

Birthday with Meaning

Celebrate a Meaningful Birthday at the Bolivariana Plaza Hotel. Combine meditation, musical atmosphere and a delicious dinner to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. This magical experience will honor life and connection between attendees in a special and unforgettable way.

Wine Nights in Harmony

Enjoy our Wine Nights in Harmony, where you will delight in a pairing of red, white and rosé wines, accompanied by exquisite tapas. All this, while you listen to the melody of a live cello and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere of lights, candles and macramé decorations. A complete sensory experience that will allow you to relax and enjoy in company or alone.

Dinners in Key of Magic

Explore new dimensions in your relationship with our Key of Magic Dinners. This seven-harmonic tantric experience is designed to awaken and legitimize your sacred sexuality. Enjoy sensual games, gastronomic pleasures and an intimate atmosphere that will allow you to rediscover passion and eroticism with your loved one.

Heartfelt and Con-Sense Dinners

For companies looking to close the year with a unique celebration, our Heartfelt and Con-Sense Dinners are ideal. Each sense is activated through conscious meditations, followed by an exquisite dinner that will allow you to connect deeply with each bite and aroma.

Book of My Life Workshop

Participate in the Book of My Life Workshop for an introspective exploration guided by ancestral wisdom. This workshop will allow you to explore and celebrate every aspect of your existence, from the physical to the spiritual, nurturing your being in an environment of integral growth.

Beyond the Hotel

Don’t wait any longer to live an unforgettable experience with our plans in Medellín! Contact us now to book one of our exclusive experiences at the Bolivariana Plaza Hotel and discover why we are the perfect destination to enjoy the best of this vibrant city. Start planning your trip today and get ready to live moments that will be etched in your memory forever!

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